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MMA Dictionary

International Fighting Championships thumbnail International Fighting Championships: American mixed martial arts organization that hails from California. What separates this one from the others is that they are the first organization that incorporated the use of a cruiserweight which permitted smaller heavyweight fighters to compete with their own size as opposed to the full heavyweight classes. [+]
Judo thumbnail Judo: A 19th century martial art that originated in Japan, it derives much of its style from jiu-jitsu, and shares various techniques as well. [+]
K.O. thumbnail K.O.: Letters used to stand for “knock out.” The term KO is most often used when discussion boxing, but is also used in MMA, meaning a fighter who has taken a blow that is so devastating that he will temporarily be rendered if not unconscious, at least incapable of continuing the fight. [+]
Kickboxing thumbnail Kickboxing: Somewhat reminiscent of boxing but using strikes from legs and feet, there are multiple styles of kickboxing. [+]
Kimura thumbnail Kimura: Joint lock submission hold applied to cause a tapout. When used, the shoulder is hyper flexed or hyper rotated, which causes extreme pain and often leads to a tapout. [+]
King of the Cage thumbnail King of the Cage: KOTC is an MMA group which is United States founded and based, it had its beginnings in 1998 and primarily hosts it’s events in Native American Casinos. [+]
Kneebar thumbnail Kneebar: Known as one of the submission holds to the kneebar that hyperflexes the knee to promote submission or tapout. [+]
Lay-and-pray thumbnail Lay-and-pray: A method used by fighters who can and do take their opponents down but aren’t good at finishing the job, such as getting a submission or a tap out. Usually used in a derogatory manner to mean they are on top of their opponent but can’t mount an offensive to end the match. [+]
Leg lock thumbnail Leg lock: Another leg and ankle based submission hold. [+]
Light Heavyweight thumbnail Light Heavyweight: MMA Weight Class: between 185 and 205 pounds. [+]

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