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MMA Dictionary

Lightweight thumbnail Lightweight: MMA Weight Class: 145 to 155 pound class. [+]
Middleweight thumbnail Middleweight: MMA Weight Class: 170 pounds to 185 pound weight class. [+]
Mixed Fighting Championship thumbnail Mixed Fighting Championship: A United States founded and based MMA organization. [+]
Mixed Martial Arts thumbnail Mixed Martial Arts: Comprised of many different styles MMA is a hybrid of all of them, permitting multiple types of martial arts and other hand to hand type fighting. Potential candidates for this sport must have a well rounded background in all types of hand to hand fighting techniques. [+]
Muay Thai thumbnail Muay Thai: Thailand based style of kickboxing that permits lower kicks, stricks with the elbows and knees unlike the more standard varieties of kickboxing. [+]
N.H.B. thumbnail N.H.B.: Acronym or initials used to stand for “No Holds Barred” style of fighting. The term most often used to discuss the MMA events. Rulings and evolution of the fight styles used makes this terminology antiquated, but it remains in use. [+]
Octagon thumbnail Octagon: The Octagon™–Competition mats and specific cage designs, both of which are trademarks of Zuffa. 1993 saw some UFC events come into play that featured an 8 sided configuration of competition that became known the world [+]
Oma Plata thumbnail Oma Plata: Jiu Jitsu/MMA grappling move –Shoulder Lock which is applied using the legs. [+]
PRIDE Fighting Championships thumbnail PRIDE Fighting Championships: Also known as PRIDE or PRIDE FC. MMA organization that had its roots in Japan in 1997. PRIDE holds the largest live MMA event audience record of over 71,000 people at a Shockwave/Dynamite, production which was held in 2002. [+]
Rear Naked Choke thumbnail Rear Naked Choke: A type of choke hold that is used from behind an opponent, which summarily captures his back, and is considered to be the most advantageous of all of the types of choke holds. [+]

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