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Bellator 41 Parting Shots

By on April 18, 2011

Bellator 41 provided a little bit of everything: excitement, intrigue, and of course, a horrible display of judging. What MMA event would be complete without that? While we all ponder whether athletic commissions should administer field sobriety tests to judges before mixed martial arts shows, check out my final thoughts on Bellator 41.

Another event, another horrible scorecard

I will go as far as to say that the first round of Joe Warren’s fight with Marcos Galvao was fairly close. If a judge wants to go 29-28 Warren after Warren won the third, whatever. I don’t know anyone who didn’t give the first two rounds to Galvao, but like I said, the first round was close enough, I suppose.

Who in the world gives that second round to Warren, though? I mean who besides judge Chuck Wolf, who inexplicably gave all three rounds to Warren. On what criteria, you wonder? That I haven’t figured out. If he’s somehow valuing Warren’s takedowns in the second over all of the pinpoint strikes landed by Galvao, wouldn’t he have been consistent and also given the first round to Galvao, who was able to reverse a couple of throw attempts by Warren and land on top? It makes no sense, and a judge like that should be held accountable. That second round was clearly Galvao’s. To even have all three judges give that first round to Warren is very strange.

Fortunately enough, the upcoming bantamweight tournament may give these two a chance to settle things for once and for all. That is, unless it goes to decision and Chuck Wolf is judging again. By the way, if you want someone to blame (besides the judges themselves), try the Arizona Boxing Commission, which is strangely a subdivision of the much larger Arizona Department of Racing. Check out the standards of conduct for judges in Arizona, and note that there are a lot of details about what they should wear, but nothing that really ensures that the judges themselves will know what the fuck they’re doing.

Makovsky shows improvement

A lot of MMA fans give wrestlers a hard time, but when fighters who come from wrestling backgrounds truly work to round out their skills, it’s a sight to behold. Such is the case with Zach “Fun Size” Makovsky, who has developed before our eyes in the Bellator cage.

Against Chad Robichaux, Makovsky not only showed great awareness against a jiu-jitsu black belt by avoiding constant guillotine attempts with textbook takedowns (although Robichaux stubbornly kept the attempts going with Makovsky in side control), but he also improved position well and had some nice submission attempts, including a particularly crafty arm triangle that would have submitted most other bantamweights.

On a side note, Robichaux’s nickname should be “Rochambeau”. Chad “Rochambeau” Robichaux. Not only does it sound great, but it would keep opponents guessing. It may have been a different fight if Makovsky had thought he needed to protect his nuts for the entirety of it.

Your featherweight final: Straus vs. Freire

Before Saturday night, I would have favored Patricio “Pitbull” Freire heavily in a fight with Daniel Straus, but now I’m not so sure. Pitbull looked tentative and, well, unrefined in his win until the end. Meanwhile, Straus looked very sharp, with the ability to mix his strikes and excellent throws very well and a level of consistent aggressiveness that never tapered off or allowed his opponent to rest.

At this point, it looks like it’s Straus’ fight to lose unless he ties up with Freire and gets careless on the mat with him. I don’t know that Pitbull’s striking is going to be a huge problem for Straus, though it is a very close fight in the making, to be sure.

Quick Shots

–Please stop with this Patricio Pitbull stuff. And while we’re at it, the Christiane Cyborg thing. And the Mirko Cro Cop thing. Well, okay, it’s too late for that. But the others, let’s get rid of them. These people have actual last names. I don’t care if the fighters themselves wanted to have their names that way or if it’s some genius in a suit who thinks it’ll make the fighters more marketable. It sounds stupid. What’s wrong with first name-nickname-last name? That’s worked for a long time, folks.

For some reason, it’s only ever done with foreign fighters, too. You wouldn’t have ever heard someone call Liddell “Chuck Iceman”. Or how about “Randy Natural”. “BJ Prodigy”? It just makes the fighters sound like failed pro wrestlers. Or magicians. Or porn stars. I’m not sure which. Please though, cut it out. It makes no sense.

–Is that just reverse psychology on the part of Daniel Straus, who says that he is proud of winning the majority of his fights by decision? He says anyone can finish fights, but going to the decision is a real accomplishment. Hmmm…I’m on to you, Straus! You may trick people in Yuma, Arizona with that kind of stuff, but not me, no sir.

I see what he’s saying to a certain extent, as winning the majority of a fifteen minute fight often takes not only a lot of cardio, but a lot of heart, too. But c’mon, man…no one would rather win by decision than knock a guy out or submit him.

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