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Best moments from the Mayweather-McGregor press tour

By on July 17, 2017

mayweather mcgregorWhile there were plenty of eye-rolling moments at the Mayweather-McGregor press conferences (Floyd saying he’d fight Conor in a cage, anyone?) and some other cringe-worthy moments (the “boy” controversy), some pretty great moments were also realized during the short tour. Let’s talk about some of the best moments of their press tour.

The Suit

Conor McGregor talked a lot of crap during the press tour, but nothing summed up McGregor’s attitude and what makes him different than the suit he wore for the first press conference. The pin stripe suit, when viewed up close, actually had pin stripes consisting of the words “FUCK YOU” repeating again and again.

McGregor even pointed out that he’d make the suit available through his upcoming menswear line. The suit may have gone viral (and McGregor is certainly the MVP of the promotional aspect of the fight), but I can’t see many people wearing a suit like that to work.


I’ve been a fan of the staredowns during the press tour. McGregor has taken to yelling and laughing in the face of Mayweather, which I think has been great for selling his chances in the fight. McGregor is acting like a person who knows something that nobody else knows; which I think lends credence to the idea that he may have a shot. He’s certainly behaving like someone who thinks he can genuinely win the fight, and that’s exactly what he needs to do.

Call and Response

McGregor has genuinely been the crowd favorite at many of the stops, since many boxing fans are split on how they feel about Mayweather, anyway. McGregor has decided to encourage some of this behavior, even going so far as to have the Toronto crowd yell “Fuck the Mayweathers!” during the press conference there. McGregor may not win the fight, but he certainly has won the PR battle and has positioned himself to expand his popularity even further following the match.

Laughing Good Time

With all the bravado of a press conference, sometimes people say things that they can’t back up. You know, like when Floyd Mayweather said he would fight Conor McGregor wearing MMA gloves or even fight him in a cage. McGregor’s reaction was just to laugh, which I think was appropriate. As the representative of the more “extreme” sport, it’s McGregor’s job to come off a little crazy and also to call Mayweather on his bullshit when he tries to act like a tough guy instead of a great boxer. He’s doing a good job so far.

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