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Bisping to defend title against Romero, not GSP

By on May 11, 2017

Georges St. PierreThe Georges St. Pierre saga continues.

After months of speculation regarding whether GSP would return, followed by the announcement that he would return to fight UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping (and a very entertaining press conference where the two talked trash to one another non-stop), the fight has now been called off and Yoel Romero will take St. Pierre’s place.

The problem, apparently, is that St. Pierre wanted to fight Bisping after October. Meanwhile, Dana White wanted Bisping to defend his title in July. Therefore, the fight will be nixed and Bisping will face the surging Romero, who is definitely no slouch himself, instead.

Romero must be pleased with the development, as he had expressed his displeasure with being passed over for the long-retired St. Pierre, even asking several times whether Bisping or St. Pierre was calling the shots.

In return, Bisping called Romero a “cheating scumbag,” alluding to Romero’s past positive test for a banned substance. So you already have the makings of an entertaining promotion, even without St. Pierre.

As for St. Pierre, you have to wonder what gives. You’re not getting any younger, Georges! One would think that St. Pierre had been training regularly before he even announced his return, and he always looks to be in excellent shape. Why was a fight in two months impossible?

It’s a little disappointing not only because of the posturing and soap opera nonsense that has already plagued St. Pierre’s return, but also because GSP was an active fighter back when competitors didn’t require six months to prepare for a fight and actually got in the cage three to four times per year whenever possible. Seems that he’s forgotten about those days.

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