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Could GSP’s return be delayed even further?

By on May 26, 2017

Georges St. PierreGeorges St. Pierre has revealed the reason that he can’t fight in the UFC until fall, stating that an eye injury required surgery and will keep him from sparring until September. The question is, will such a setback even allow him to make a return this fall?

To me, it seems an aggressive schedule for a returning fighter who had so much time on the shelf. To only spar for about a month before your first fight back, and have that fight be a title fight? That’s a tall order, even if you’re like me and think that St. Pierre is a stylistic nightmare for UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping.

And besides, what did it end up mattering that GSP couldn’t fight Bisping this summer? As it turns out, Bisping himself won’t be fighting this summer, and Yoel Romero and Robert Whittaker will duke it out over an utterly useless interim belt in the meanwhile.

This is where the UFC’s matchmaking really makes me shake my head. So then, you have GSP and Bisping ready to go this winter, but now you have this unnecessary interim champion, too. So the interim champ has to twiddle his thumbs while GSP and Bisping fight over the real title, with the winner to face the interim champ sometime in 2018.

Any other scenario would involve GSP waiting another half year to fight as Bisping faces the interim champ, which makes even less sense. Obviously, St. Pierre came back to fight for a title, after all. He even said that the reason he wanted the Bisping fight is that any bout he takes at this point has to excite him. A non-title time-waster while the rest of the middleweight division sorts its shit out isn’t going to check that particular box.

Then again, let’s say Robert Whittaker beats Romero and GSP beats Bisping…is Whittaker an opponent that would “excite” St. Pierre?

One thing’s for sure – the next six months should be very interesting for the middleweight division.

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