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GSP signs new contract with the UFC

By on February 17, 2017

st pierreGeorges St. Pierre is back.

The former multiple time UFC Welterweight Champion has signed a new contract with the UFC, according to an announcement by UFC President Dana White.

White expressed his excitement on Friday, while emphasizing that there are no solid plans for GSP’s first opponent and that no potential opponents have been approached regarding the opportunity to face the former champion.

“It could be the winner [of the March 4 welterweight title fight] between Tyron Woodley and Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson, or it could be Michael Bisping,” said White. “Georges has also talked about fighting at 155 pounds. He says he can make the weight.”

Georges St. Pierre’s return to the UFC has been long-rumored, but seemed rather touch-and-go for quite some time, as things even got a little ugly during a breakdown in talks last year. White, as he likes to do, attacked St. Pierre personally and questioned his motivation to compete, while St. Pierre proclaimed himself a free agent at one point.

Considering that St. Pierre hadn’t fought since November 2013 and is now 35 years old, it didn’t seem completely unlikely that St. Pierre would either say “forget it” and not come back at all or simply take a few fights in Bellator to scratch the competitive itch before riding off into the sunset for good.

But the UFC is where St. Pierre’s legacy lives and where his most interesting potential matchups await. Of the three weight classes that White mentioned, welterweight seems like the most natural fit, of course. Both Woodley and Thompson provide very interesting style matchups, and other great potential opponents await, such as Robbie Lawler or even one of the Diaz brothers.

Middleweight could be interesting, but if GSP is really able to make 155 pounds, that would mean that he hasn’t put on enough muscle while not competing in the past 3 1/2 years to be a true middleweight, and he’d be undersized at 185 pounds. Besides that, Michael Bisping isn’t exactly an interesting opponent, in my opinion.

Think about this, though: the current UFC Lightweight Champion is Conor McGregor. While McGregor is currently trying to scare up a boxing match against Floyd Mayweather, you’d be crazy to think that the UFC hasn’t already considered a bout between McGregor and St. Pierre if GSP is truly able to drop the weight.

This could get interesting.

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