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MMA Roundup: MMA Okay in NY, Sonnen Back Soon?

By on May 23, 2011

Why are these ladies so excited? Because we’re likely to get some MMA in New York! Our lead story to discuss in this edition of MMA Roundup is that MMA has finally been legalized in New York, and we have some info which renders my Chael Sonnen article from three days ago pretty much obsolete, so that’s nice.

New York State Senate votes to regulate MMA competition

By a vote of 42-18, the New York State Senate has finally decided to get with the times and allow “human cockfighting” in their fine state. That’s right, in a state where muggings and f-bombs are as much a part of life as street vendors and taxis, it’s finally okay to put on an MMA show. It’s refreshing to see that a state that’s as classy and old-fashioned as New York has finally stooped to allowing the vulgar, offensive sport of mixed martial arts to take place within the hallowed ground of the Big Apple.

Seriously, though: I know what you’re thinking. “What a great win for MMA!” Know what I’m thinking? Who the fuck are those eighteen numbskulls who voted against regulating the sport in New York? Can we at least have them suspended, or expelled, or something similarly embarrassing and appropriate? It makes you wonder, are you supposed to actually research what you are voting upon as a state senator, or do you just walk in there and go “I heard of this stuff years ago…they don’t wear gloves and can hit each other in the nuts!” Because I just can’t understand how even 30% of the senators could vote against having MMA in the state.

Yeah, I suppose it’s a big victory. Me, I’m underwhelmed. We’re at the point now where the sport certainly doesn’t need to kiss the asses of any senators in order to ensure its continued popularity. In fact, I’d like to see the UFC in particular start throwing its weight around. Don’t want knees to the head on the ground? Fine, we’ll take our multi-million dollar events to another state! Don’t want to reform the judging? Whatever, I’m sure New Jersey would be willing to if it meant they’d actually get to host an event now and then like in the good old days. It’s hard for me to celebrate something that should have happened so long ago.

Sonnen could be reinstated in June

So, the California State Athletic Commission managed to give Chael Sonnen a tiny ray of hope and completely invalidate my most recent column in one fell swoop when they announced that they had messed up the ruling in his case after all. Turns out that due to a misinterpreted rule, the fine folks of the CSAC thought he was ineligible to reapply until next May when he’s actually eligible to reapply as soon as June 29.

Now, what does this really change? Are the fine folks of the CSAC, each one a shining beacon of ethics and above reproach of any kind in their own personal lives, going to bestow upon Chael Sonnen a sample of their great mercy by allowing him to continue his career just one month after they said, “Eh…don’t think so”?

There are all kinds of theories going around about how the UFC flexed their muscle (that’d be the first time they did that with an athletic commission, right?) to make a change happen because they want Sonnen to coach the next season of The Ultimate Fighter against Michael Bisping. If that was true, though, wouldn’t they have influenced the CSAC to rule in favor of Sonnen in the first place? As usual, the conspiracy theories are not so well thought out. In any case, things look better for Sonnen than they did a couple of days ago, if only marginally so.

Diaz not going to box, watch out Georges!

Did I tell you awhile back not to expect much out of the whole “Nick Diaz is going to box professionally” thing? Well, what do you know…Diaz is not going to box. That’s not really news, nor is the fact that Ricardo Mayorga is calling MMA fighters gay slurs on Twitter to try to grab some relevancy for himself, but is so irrelevant at this point that mainstream media outlets won’t even report the story. (Think any athlete in any professional sport, even a third-string quarterback for the shittiest NFL team, could slang some gay slurs around on Twitter and not even get a mention on ESPN? That’s how unimportant Mayorga is.)

The real story here is that there are some clues being dropped as to why Diaz is no longer going to put on a pair of oversized gloves and hug it out in the squared circle…Georges St. Pierre himself. What else could Diaz’s longtime trainer Cesar Gracie mean when he says, “at this point in time, there‚Äôs a certain chance that comes along once in a very long while”? That wordy little bit is certainly not describing the once-in-a-lifetime chance to fight Tyron Woodley on Showtime. It’s got to mean that we’re getting Diaz-GSP. I’ll spare you my thoughts on how that fight would transpire so that I don’t piss on anyone’s Cheerios if they’re excited about the bout. Well, Cliff Notes version: I want to see it, too, but don’t get your hopes up if you’re a Diaz fan. Twenty-five minutes of frustration awaits.

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