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MMA Roundup: Roger Huerta, Chael Sonnen, UFC 118 & UFC Fight Night 22 Changes

By on August 4, 2010

roger huertaI’ll bet that you’re thinking that there’s nothing that can keep you from anticipating this Saturday’s UFC event right now. I like a good challenge, though. How about a former UFC fighter getting in a street brawl? Or more injuries resulting in a prominent fight moving from UFC 118 to UFC Fight Night 22 on Spike TV? Okay, if you’re too focused on UFC 117 to think of anything else, we do have more Chael Sonnen craziness and some information on whether Anderson Silva will retire anytime soon to talk about, as well.

Roger Huerta’s special brand of chivalry

If you are planning on punching a woman in the near future, well…first of all, don’t. But second of all, you would be advised to check around for Roger Huerta before doing so. That’s right, you can now add “you may have your ass whooped by Roger Huerta” to the list of reasons not to sucker punch a woman, along with other long-standing reasons such as the prospects of jail time and the fact that it makes you a bigger pansy than Pansy Pansington.

That’s right, Huerta observed a fracas outside a club in Austin, TX, which somehow resulted in a full-grown man punching an unsuspecting woman in the back of the head, knocking her to the cement. Huerta can be seen on video confronting the man immediately after, then things get a bit harder to follow, though the aftermath leaves the unlucky sissy clearly laid out on the pavement as a result of the ensuing fight.

In a follow-up interview with gossip site, Huerta said the woman-beating pile of dung threw the first punch, and he responded in self defense and “got the better of him.” The video, at least to my eyes, appeared to even show Huerta getting a little stomp in at the end. Hey, the guy hit to the back of the head of the girl, so why condemn Huerta for following Pride rules? Or did he? makes a good case for some possible tomfoolery on TMZ’s part (and who would be surprised by that?).

No arrests were made, and the MMA community was overwhelmingly supportive of Huerta. Dana White even said, “In no way do I condone street fighting, but when a guy puts his hands on a woman he deserves to be knocked the fuck out. Good for Roger.” That’s funny, because that’s pretty much like saying, “In no way do I condone street fighting, but in this case, I do condone street fighting, so I guess I should say in some ways I do condone street fighting.” I say good for Roger, too, though. It’s funny that no one else immediately stepped up to confront a guy who laid out a girl from behind though, especially in a big crowd of club-goers. Hopefully, the assailant (who obviously needed medical attention) will be sued or have criminal charges pressed against him, or both.

Injury to Alan Belcher causes UFC fight shake-up

Hey, you know that Demian Maia-Alan Belcher fight we were all looking forward to? The injury bug snatched it from our collective grubby little hands, as Belcher will be unable to compete due to injury. Maia will instead face gutsy replacement Mario Miranda, who despite deserving respect for stepping up on late notice, does not exactly have a resumé that screams out “put me in the main event!” Therefore, the Nate Marquardt-Rousimar Palhares fight from UFC 118 will become the UFC Fight Night 22 main event, while Maia’s fight with Miranda will move to UFC 118.

It’s cool if you weren’t planning on buying UFC 118, I guess. I, on the other hand, buy every pay-per-view regardless, so this is still a net loss since I don’t get to see Maia-Belcher take place. I was looking forward to seeing Belcher against a step-up in competition, and seeing Maia against a good striker is always an exciting proposition, since Maia has to have his wits about him to get the fight where he needs it to go. Let’s hope that Belcher gets a good match-up with a top opponent when he’s ready to go again.

Chael Sonnen says, tries to un-say that Lance Armstrong gave himself cancer

One gets the feeling that Chael Sonnen was the kind of kid to always want “do-overs” while playing games at the playground. Nobody liked that kid. There’s no instant replay technology for neighborhood touch football games, for instance, and Sonnen seems like the kind of dude to always be saying, “I totally got him with both hands!” when everyone around knows that it wasn’t really the case. The worst part is, you couldn’t say anything because even at that age, Sonnen probably could have whooped your ass.

So Sonnen has decided that since he’s apparently run out of fresh material for Anderson Silva (he’s really sputtering to the finish line here), he should turn his gaze elsewhere. When asked what bothers him the most during an interview with Larry Pepe of Pro MMA Radio, Sonnen had a delightfully ridiculous answer. Because it’s so damned insane, and well, pretty epic, I’ll run his rant in its entirety for those who haven’t heard/read it:

“When you screw up, you have to own it. That stuff really gets under my skin. Take Lance Armstrong. Lance Armstrong did a number of things and he gave himself cancer. He cheated, he did drugs, and he gave himself cancer. Well, instead of saying ‘Hey listen, I cheated and gave myself cancer, don’t be like me,’ he actually made himself the victim and then went out and profited something like $15 million dollars from this ‘Hey, poor me, let’s find a cure for cancer’ campaign instead of just coming clean and saying, ‘Look, here’s what I did, I screwed myself up, and I hope people learn from my mistakes.'”

It gets better! Sonnen was asked about it in a video interview with Ariel Helwani and insisted that he never said anything about Lance Armstrong, and that he never did an interview with Larry Pepe. Furthermore, Sonnen appeared on Jim Rome’s radio show today and denied it further. Audio of his second denial (or third, apparently his second was on the phone with Armstrong himself) is here, while a nice recap of the entire interview and post-interview hijinx can be found at Watch Kalib Run.

I love this exchange after Rome plays the clip for Sonnen of the Armstrong comments:

Jim Rome: Chael, I could be wrong, that sounds a lot like you.

Chael Sonnen (or an impostor): Jim, that doesn’t sound anything like me…have the callers call in, there’s no way anyone will think that sounds like me.

Jim Rome: *laughing* Chael, honestly…because, respectfully, it sounds exactly like you.

Chael Sonnen: Sounds like a guy with a Hispanic accent, maybe I have a bad connection, but I thought you were kidding around with that voice-over, that’s certainly not me.

You have to click and listen to the clip, though. It’s hilarious to hear Chael, in the exact same voice that the Armstrong clip had, deny that it sounds “anything like me”. Brilliant. Bear in mind that his rant began with his supposed pet peeve of people not taking responsibility for their actions. Sonnen may have a successful career in politics ahead of him, after all!

Shogun won’t fight until spring or summer

On MMA Live, Dana White addressed recent comments by UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Mauricio “Shogun” Rua that he would be able to fight as soon as December or January following his recent successful knee surgery. White has dismissed that estimate as what appears to be an overly optimistic view from an athlete that is eager to get back into action. “This kid keeps pushing it to get out there faster and faster. I completely respect him for that. He’s an animal. I love it. But there’s no way he’s going to be ready by December. People keep asking why he’s had so many knee surgeries. That’s exactly why he’s had that many knee surgeries,” White said.

It seems that a spring or even summer appearance is more likely for Shogun, and I have to say that I agree with White on this one. There’s no reason for Shogun to push it to get back in action, particularly when his knee injuries in the past definitely show that discretion should be used in this situation. White also thankfully said that no interim belt will enter into the equation.

Anderson Silva won’t retire anytime soon

The talk with Anderson Silva over the past few years had always indicated that he would retire sooner than later. In the past, he talked of retiring in order to fight Roy Jones, Jr. in a boxing match or simply because there won’t be much more for him to prove. However, Silva is as hard to pin down outside of the cage as he is inside of it, and has changed his views on retirement. Apparently, pressure from people close to him may have swayed him in the past towards an earlier retirement, but not anymore: “There was a time when many people pestered me to stop. My children, my friends, Ed [Soares], among others. The truth is people want me to stop, but I’ll stop a lot of people before anyone stops me.”

I’m glad to hear it, just as I’m glad to hear that Silva will not be leaving the middleweight division anytime soon, either. I’ve said before that I’m not a big fan of champs going outside of their weight class in most cases (especially with the large gaps between weight classes in MMA compared to boxing). I also want to see just how long Silva can continue to hold onto the belt. I didn’t like the Maia, Thales Leites or Patrick Cote fights anymore than anyone else does, but Silva is a true sight to behold when he steps in the cage.

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  1. Topher says:

    If only there was a better video of Huerta laying that fool out! I really don’t think that guy had any idea who he was dealing with! Was pretty sweet to him face down on the cement though!

  2. MMA Lover says:

    Cage Potato claims it’s not Huerta doing the beating…but if you watch closely …Huerta’s friend even calls his name as he grabs hold of him. Huerta or not…that woman beater deserved his ass whopped!

  3. Jon Hartley says:

    Yeah, even Huerta admitting to beating the guy up, but I agree that it may not have been him at the end getting an extra stomp in. I think maybe Huerta floored him initially, then somebody else decided to jump in and get a few extra shots in on an already-KOed dude…

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