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5 Reasons why McGregor could beat Mayweather

By on August 3, 2017

mcgregorWe all know that the odds are against Conor McGregor in his boxing match with Floyd Mayweather. After all, Mayweather is a perfect 49-0 and has beaten most of the best boxers of his generation along the way. Meanwhile, McGregor has very little pure boxing experience and will have to solve a hugely gifted defensive boxer who is known as perhaps the hardest man to hit in boxing history.

Still, there are a few reasons to believe that McGregor has some kind of chance. Here are those reasons:

The Size Advantage

The two are going to weigh in at 154 pounds before the fight, but if you think McGregor will walk into the cage at 154 pounds, you’re crazy. Mayweather likely won’t even cut weight for the bout, whereas McGregor will probably walk in to the ring weighing over 170 pounds. He could have 20 pounds or more on Mayweather in the ring that night.

McGregor’s Clinch Game

Critics of Mayweather often talk about how he looks to hold people, wear them down, and make fights more boring in the process. That won’t work with McGregor. After all, McGregor trains in a sport where clinching is not only allowed, but it’s part of the game. McGregor’s shoulders and core won’t get tired from Mayweather leaning on him. In fact, his size advantage will make it more likely that Mayweather tires from extended periods of holding.

Awkward Angles

McGregor won’t be allowed to throw any leg kicks, spinning backfists, elbows, or knees from the clinch in the boxing match, but that doesn’t mean he won’t use any of the unpredictablity that comes with being an MMA fighter. Expect McGregor to adapt a stance Mayweather isn’t used to seeing. He’ll also switch leads regularly and sneak in punches at unconventional angles. Being a relative amateur may actually make McGregor more unpredictable.

Taking It Easy

There’s a pretty good chance that even if Mayweather is training seriously, he will overlook McGregor in some way during his camp. If that’s the case, he’ll be leaving the door open to a potential upset. If he has a poor camp and McGregor has a great one, that could help swing the momentum in Conor’s direction.

McGregor Hits Hard

McGregor has very sturdy power and will be looking for the knockout early and often in this fight. Unlike Floyd, who rarely knocks anyone out at this point, Conor has proven power and can change the entire fight just by landing one decisive shot.

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