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Thank you, Luke Rockhold

By on May 16, 2017

Luke RockholdLuke Rockhold said what many of us have been thinking when he recently told UFC President Dana White to “think before you run your mouth” on Twitter.

Although there are a number of reasons Rockhold could be saying that, this particular case has to do with White bad-mouthing Rockhold over supposedly wanting a title shot and saying he “deserve” it, which Rockhold denies.

Rockhold isn’t the only one to call White out recently. You also had everyone from heavyweight Mark Hunt to featherweight Jose Aldo either calling out White, the UFC, or both on everything from how divisions are being run to how steroid use is handled by the UFC. It’s good to see and it makes me wonder if fighters have been emboldened, either by the fact that Bellator is becoming a more viable place to make a living or by the fact that White’s pals, the Fertitta brothers, no longer own the organization.

Either way, Rockhold wasn’t complaining about not getting a shot. He was pointing out that no matter who is getting the shot, the fighters haven’t been given any kind of clarity regarding where they stand in the big picture and what the plans are for the division.

Here’s the thing: the UFC doesn’t provide clarity on title pictures in these situations because they honestly have no idea what the fuck they’re going to do. That’s how it’s always been. They tend to book fights by the seat of their pants and it has shown, time and time again.

How many times has someone been assured that they have a title shot coming, only to not get it after all? How many times has a stupid interim title been implemented for what would only be a short layoff by the real champ, while in other situations divisions are held up for a year or more without an interim belt?

The official UFC rankings were supposed to clear all of this up a bit, but of course they have no bearing on who actually gets a title shot, which is why you see things like Dan Henderson getting a shot at the middleweight title while a dozen guys in front of him twiddle their thumbs.

So I see where Luke Rockhold is coming and I’m glad fighters are calling him out on his bullshit, even if it’s not going to stop him from saying the next dumb thing that comes to his mind.

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