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There’s no excuse for the bad Mayweather-McGregor judging

By on August 29, 2017

mayweather mcgregor 2After two and a half months of hype, speculation, predictions, and trash talk, we’ve finally seen “the biggest fight ever.” Floyd Mayweather prevailed, of course, advancing his record to 50-0. Meanwhile, Conor McGregor gave a solid account of himself, tired out and now will head back to mixed martial arts. We talked about the fight earlier, but I have some stray thoughts to share before we move on and get our focus back to MMA where it belongs.

When watching the fight live, it was pretty exciting. Why? Because Conor clearly won the first two rounds. That’s not even accurate…Floyd gave Conor the first two rounds. Conor then went on to win three of the next four, in my opinion. You could argue that a couple of those middle rounds could go either way. But no matter how you slice it, Conor was either even or slightly ahead going into the later rounds.

Then, of course, Conor gassed out in the ninth and was clearly done for in the tenth, even if his cardio was a bigger reason for the stoppage than Floyd’s supposed punching power. Floyd’s strategy paid off and he outlasted Conor, then beat him up. Turns out, that was his plan all along.

That’s all well and good. What sucks is the fact that even if Conor had gotten to the final bell, he had zero chance of winning a decision. Why? Because the judges were never going to let it happen.

Judge Dave Moretti only gave Conor the first three rounds. On top of that, he, along with Guido Cavalleri, gave Mayweather a 10-8 9th round. But even worse was the fact that Cavalleri and Burt Clements each gave Conor just one round each. That’s right. These crooked ass judges gave Floyd round two even though he threw about six punches total and landed only a couple of them. Conor landed several punches for every one Floyd landed that round and still wasn’t given the nod on two of the three scorecards.

And that, boxing fans, is why your sport is in serious trouble. Not because there isn’t room for boxing along with MMA. Both have their appeal. Not because there aren’t enough stars, although more stars is always a good thing. Your sport is dying because of corruption, politics, and bullshit like this, where three judges blatantly decided that no outsider was going to come into the ring and win a decision over a boxer with a 49-0 record. Utterly pathetic and inexcusable.

MMA has its share of bad decisions, too, but MMA is far harder to judge than boxing is. How do you weigh grappling effectiveness vs. striking dominance? How do you score submission attempts? What about escapes? Do they negate the attempt? Do clinches matter even if the other person is landing more strikes? What about leg kicks vs. punches to the head?

In boxing, the sport is very technical but the judging is simplified. I’m not arguing that landing more punches always earns you the round, but when you land more punches and you land more power punches and you land for a high percentage? If the judges don’t give you those rounds, you might as well add another slimy chapter to a sport with a sad history of blatant screwjobs.

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