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Thursday Throwdown: I Heard a Rumor Edition

By on August 23, 2012

So, Dan Henderson is hurt. Oh, wait. It should read: “Dan Henderson is hurt?” Because the thing is, nobody really seems to know whether Dan Henderson is hurt. However, that hasn’t stopped the rampant speculation on MMA sites, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts over the last 24 hours.

There’s an interesting aspect of MMA writing where a good number of otherwise talented writers spend what I would say is way too much of their time chasing after “scoops”. A scoop, of course, just means that you’re the first person to uncover important information. Now, scoops were important years ago, when daily newspapers were our only source of information and if your paper got the scoop, the other newspapers were literally going to be a day late with the information.

Nowadays, though, what’s the importance? Say somebody breaks some news on Twitter about an injury, a failed drug test, or somebody signing with the UFC. Within minutes, if not seconds, the information is posted on everybody ELSE’S Twitter accounts and websites, too. Sure, they give you the credit, but what’s the real value of the scoop?

Even worse, perfectly good writers for perfectly good websites try to be among the first to report news on their site that has already been reported elsewhere. You’re not even breaking the story, but simply trying to be among the first to repost it. That’s a valuable use of your time? Ugh.

Anyway, how is this relevant to Dan Henderson? Well, Kenny Florian apparently posted this oh-so-useful information yesterday via Twitter:

“Hearing that we may have some disappointed @UFC fans soon due to some unfortunate circumstances for an upcoming card.”

Now, I could go on and on about how silly and useless that information was in the first place. Why even post that? You can’t tell us what the news is, so why hint at it? Did Florian stop for even a second to think, “Hey, is there any point whatsoever in even saying this?” His tweet is paramount to simply saying, “I’ve got a secret, and I won’t tell you!” He may as well have stuck his tongue out while he sent it.

Of course, this only lead to all kinds of speculation and many people who are capable of writing good MMA columns instead wasting their time speculating, investigating, and refreshing their Twitter pages hoping to get more information. I’m glad to say I wasn’t a part of any of that.

Say I wake up this morning and find out via whatever MMA site that Dan Henderson is injured. Did it matter that I didn’t know at 11pm the night before, or 3am, or at 6 in the morning? If I had invested my time staying up all night trying to get a resolution to the whole thing, my reward would have been…what, exactly? Finding out something that I otherwise wouldn’t have found out until a few hours later?

And what do you know? Here it is almost 12pm CT and we still don’t know anything. There’s a conference call scheduled for an hour from now, which will almost certainly address the situation one way or another. So if you stayed up following Dan Henderson’s Twitter account, wondering whether he was pulling the wool over our eyes with his tweet about having just trained last night, and arguing over whether the fact that his training partners replied to the tweet so fast was suspicious or not, congratulations: you know exactly as much as I do right now, and I didn’t waste my time with any of that crap.

Cyborg Needs to Compromise, Not Rousey

Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos was once the big thing in women’s MMA, but those times have changed. The sport has a new avatar in the form of the arm-snapping Ronda Rousey, yet Cyborg doesn’t seem to have gotten that memo.

She was stripped of her belt, suspended for a year for PEDs, and now she is a few months from being able to return and expects Rousey to come up to 145 pounds to challenge her. Which makes no sense at all because:

a)Rousey has her own belt to defend at 135 pounds,
b)Cyborg isn’t even a champion anymore anyway, and
c)Rousey is undeniably the bigger name and draw at this point.

Rousey has all the power here. Cyborg is the one that needs this fight to stay relevant, especially since it’s not even apparent that Strikeforce wants to keep investing in the 145 pound division. Cyborg has had nearly a year off; she should have been preparing to cut weight, if she can, to make 135 pounds. It’s been no secret that that’s the weight Rousey is planning on competing at, after all. If she can’t make the weight no matter what she does, then I don’t know what happens to her, honestly. A huge amount of her appeal as a fighter who mows down her competition has been tainted by the PED suspension, and Rousey is really the only way she can get back some of that lost momentum.

The fight would be great for both parties, but Cyborg is the one that needs it, not Rousey. As such, don’t expect Rousey to be the one making accomodations.

Non-MMA Rant of the Week

Actually, you could argue that my first item from this installment was a non-MMA rant. Sure, the possible injury to Henderson is MMA-related, but the 24/7 nature of online “news” has led to literally everything that happens being considered “news” when it usually isn’t at all.

After I watched the Expendables 2, I was looking for information on the inevitable sequel and found an article that claimed that the next Expendables would feature an all-female cast. The only problem is that when reading the article, it immediately became clear that the title was not only wrong, but blatantly wrong and entirely misleading. The title reads “Next Expendables Film Will Feature a Female Action Star Cast”, however, the article only says that:

a)a production company has commissioned the writing of an Expendables-inspired film starring a female cast, and
b)that Simon West (director of Expendables 2) gave a few ideas as to who could be cast if there ever was an all-female Expendables movie.

Neither of those pieces of information equals “the next Expendables will feature a female action star cast.” It means that they’re a knock-off being written that doesn’t involve the same writer or production company as the actual Expendables movies. Did other blogs rush to point out that this interpretation was misleading, wrong, and likely titled in an inaccurate way to lead to more page views?

No, they simply regurgitated the information themselves, using similarly misleading headlines.

And they wonder why sports and entertainment blogs have a bad reputation. Perhaps it’s because if a person with the slightest ability to read something and comprehend what it means comes across your site, they will see that you’re just making shit up. That’s a minor snafu that can make the whole “credibility” thing hard to come by.

Quote of the Week

Maybe the day of, you know, I have other things on my mind that day…I make up for it right after.

–Dan Henderson, talking about whether he abstains from sex before his fights. The quote was actually from a few weeks ago, but was worth including nonetheless.

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