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UFC 162 Parting Shots

By on July 8, 2013

frankie edgarIn my preview of UFC 162, I mentioned that the other bouts on the card were being overshadowed by the Anderson Silva-Chris Weidman title fight. Well, considering what happened in that fight, the other fights have all but been forgotten in the eyes of many fans. With all kinds of crazy talk regarding fixes, dives, and whether Silva even cared about losing, the likes of Cub Swanson, Frankie Edgar, and so on have been relegated to the back of the bus.

However, since I’ve already addressed what I thought of the fight itself and have decided to give the conspiracy theories their own column, that frees me up to discuss all of the other stuff that happened here. What better place to start than with Frankie Edgar?

Edgar looked very good in a decision win over Charles Oliveira, who is talented himself but not yet ready to take on a fighter of Edgar’s caliber. However, unless Aldo loses his title next month, Edgar is a man without a home in many ways. Sure, he has fought at featherweight twice now and is an excellent fighter at lightweight, too, but you simply can’t imagine him getting at title shot anytime soon in either division, no matter what he does. The rest of this year and at least half of next year will be spent with Edgar simply trying to force himself back into a title shot, and that’s if he’s able to avoid a loss in his next couple of fights.

Kennedy, Munoz victorious, but to what end?

While both Tim Kennedy and Mark Munoz were successful in their middleweight bouts, it’s hard to say that either one made a big leap forward in the division with their respective wins. Kennedy looked okay, but Roger Gracie is not an elite mixed martial artist yet and also is new to 185 pounds.

Munoz, on the other hand, was fairly dominant in beating Tim Boetsch, but something about the performance simply didn’t allay concerns over his lopsided loss to Chris Weidman, at least for me. Maybe it’s because I’m not a big believer in Boetsch, either.

In any case, both men need a big win (and in Munoz’s case, more than one) against a bona fide top ten middleweight in order to be taken seriously in the UFC middleweight division. Then we’ll talk.

Quick Shots

–I don’t want to say that I told you Swanson-Siver would be one of the best fights this year, but…I told you so.

–You have to wonder if the one-sided loss Chris Leben suffered against Andrew Craig will represent his last UFC appearance.

–It’s been too long since we’ve seen a TKO due to leg kicks. Thanks to Edson Barboza for making it happen. Ever since I saw Marco Ruas take out Paul Varelans that way back in the day, I’ve loved seeing leg kicks used to end a fight.

Adventures in Judging

Days later, and I’m still wondering how in the blue hell Mark Smith gave Chris Leben two out of three rounds against Andrew Craig. Terrible judging, and scary to think that Craig was just one more blind judge from losing an obviously well-deserved victory.

Movin’ On Up Award

Cub Swanson takes this by a landslide, as he should surely be the next contender for the featherweight title after his impressive destruction of a very legit opponent in Dennis Siver.

Beautiful Loser Award

I thought Charles Oliveira was impressive in defeat, even snatching up what looked like a very tight guillotine at the end of the second round to threaten Frankie Edgar. Oliveira has had some speed bumps throughout his career, and it’s easy to forget that the 20-fight veteran is only 23 years old. He’s going to have an impressive career when it’s all said and done.

Holy $#!% Award

With apologies to Gabriel Gonzaga and a very deserving Cub Swanson, how can this not go to Chris Weidman? Seeing Anderson Silva drop to the floor (and then eat an absolutely devastating straight right on the mat that bounced his head off the canvas) was an unbelievable moment. You always know that anybody can lose, but that didn’t make seeing it any less shocking.

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