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UFC 210: Cormier vs. Johnson 2 Parting Shots

By on April 10, 2017

Daniel CormierWell, UFC 210 was a very noteworthy, if controversial, event. Not only did you have a number of complaints about how everything from the officiating to the weigh-ins were handled, but you also had high-profile retirement announcements, which seem to be all the rage these days.

The first question, of course, is how much should we care about the Daniel Cormier weigh-in controversy? I would say not that much.

Here’s why: Even if Cormier did somehow take a pound off the scale by holding on to a terry cloth towel during his last weigh-in attempt, it didn’t change the outcome of the fight. If he had weighed over 205, the fight would have been a non-title matchup, he still would have won, and he’d still be champ.

Yes, the UFC would be pissed at him and he’d be giving Anthony Johnson a sizable portion of his purse, but one pound doesn’t change the outcome of a fight.

Now, Chris Weidman may have a bigger bone to pick. Not because the doctor stopped the fight, which is always a possibility, especially when you can’t tell the physician what month it is, but because it really did appear that Gegard Mousasi landed a knee while Weidman’s fingers were touching the mat.

Is it a silly rule? Of course it is. A knee doesn’t hurt any more if you have a hand on the mat than it does if you don’t. In fact, without having your fingers on the mat to prevent a knee, you can actually use your arms to you know, block the strike. A novel concept, of course. The solution, as always, is to change the stupid rule.

Movin’ On Up Award

A win over “Ill” Will Brooks doesn’t mean what it would have a couple of fights ago, but after a rough stretch over the past couple of years, Charles Oliveira just needs to get back on track. That’s what his rear-naked choke win did for him.

Beautiful Loser Award

Patrick Cote fought hard, as he always does, in defeat against Thiago Alves. Good on him for knowing when to call it a career and thanks for the memories, Patrick. Best of luck in the future.

Holy $#!% Award

The Mousasi-Weidman fight was one big “holy shit” moment, but not for all the right reasons. There were the initial knee strikes, which were vicious and potentially illegal, and then the second “holy shit” moment where referee “Standin'” Dan Miragliotta strangely allowed Weidman five minutes to recover. Finally, the third of the trifecta was when the ringside doctor waved off the fight.



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