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Nunes: Ronda Rousey is overrated

By on January 5, 2017

amanda nunesSince she defended her UFC title on December 30 against former champion Ronda Rousey, Amanda Nunes has not exactly taken the opportunity to take the high road.

Citing that Rousey was often nasty with her opponents when she was on top of the game, Nunes has decided to kick Rousey when she’s (literally) down, landing verbal jabs in the media with surprising regularity.

Most recently, Nunes told TMZ Sports that she wasn’t sure how Rousey got very far in the division. She also said that Rousey has always been overrated and that she always knew that she could beat her, even when she was just starting out in the UFC.

“UFC made this happen,” Nunes said. “They put her in a place where she’s not at, but I know I could beat Ronda Rousey since I saw her first fight.”

Let’s address this silliness right now.

How did Rousey get so far in the division? By beating the crap out of people. Fighters such as Miesha Tate (two times), Sara McMann, Cat Zingano, Bethe Correia – all who were highly ranked at the time that they faced Rousey.

Hell, three of the fighters Rousey beat while she was so “overrated” also beat Nunes! Zingano and Alexis Davis both TKO’ed Nunes, for that matter.

So for her to act like Rousey was just a product of the UFC’s marketing machine is ridiculous. The UFC didn’t protect Rousey. They gave her the best of what was around at the time throughout her career, and she faced a variety of different styles during her tenure as champion, too.

For God’s sake, Rousey won her first 12 fights against mostly top five competition and finished every single one of them, with only one going out of the first round. How can you look at that and say someone was overrated and didn’t deserve their spot, particularly when some of the girls she was beating kicked your ass?

Stop it, Amanda Nunes. You’re not doing yourself any favors, anyway. This is the signature win of your career so far and you’re attempting to devalue it for what reason, exactly? If nobody that you beat is all that great, that means you aren’t very good, either. So what if Rousey acted like a brat at times when she was champ? Be better than that, then, and show a little class.

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