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MMA Roundup: McGregor-Mayweather, Penn, UFC 203 thumbnail MMA Roundup: McGregor-Mayweather, Penn, UFC 203: A report coming out of Ireland indicates that not only will a Conor McGregor-Floyd Mayweather boxing match not happen, but that the fight was never going to happen and the talk between the two fighters’ camps has [+]
The 10 Most Polarizing People in MMA thumbnail The 10 Most Polarizing People in MMA: Fighters like Nick Diaz, Michael Bisping, and even Georges St. Pierre have a strange effect on fans, inspiring undying loyalty in some and almost irrational disdain in others. After Diaz and GSP fought last weekend, it got [+]
Thursday Throwdown: Non-troversy Edition thumbnail Thursday Throwdown: Non-troversy Edition: If the MMA world likes anything more than actual fights, it’s imagined controversies that are blown out of proportion because we’re all bored while waiting for the next event to take place. These pretend controversies (or non-troversies, [+]
UFC on Fox 5 Parting Shots thumbnail UFC on Fox 5 Parting Shots: Benson Henderson not only defeated Nate Diaz last Saturday night, but he did so soundly. There was no controversy to be had in this title defense, which is good for multiple reasons, not the least of which [+]
Why Anthony Pettis Should Get the Next Title Shot thumbnail Why Anthony Pettis Should Get the Next Title Shot: Frankie Edgar has a good case for deserving an immediate rematch with new UFC Lightweight Champion Ben Henderson. In fact, he’s got a great case. Let’s see: –He granted an immediate rematch to former champion BJ Penn [+]
The List: Top Ten TUF Coach Fights thumbnail The List: Top Ten TUF Coach Fights: So, we are now through with the fourteenth season of The Ultimate Fighter, and that got me thinking: we all know some obvious choices for the best TUF finalist bouts (say it with me: “Griffin vs. Bonnar”), [+]
UFC 137 Parting Shots thumbnail UFC 137 Parting Shots: Among two heavyweight battles and plenty of quality action at the lighter weights, too, Nick Diaz made a pretty powerful statement at UFC 137. Even if you believe, as I do, that BJ Penn’s lack of cardio [+]
UFC 137: Post-Fight Press Conference (Video) thumbnail UFC 137: Post-Fight Press Conference (Video): Here are the highlights from the UFC 137 post-fight press conference. Following fighters were awarded $75,000 bonuses: Fight of the Night: BJ Penn vs. Nick Diaz Knockout of the Night: Bart Palaszewski Submission of the Night: Donald Cerrone [+]
Fightmania October Rankings thumbnail Fightmania October Rankings: October was a great month not just for the quantity of major MMA shows, but the quality, too. Not only did we have three UFC shows, four Bellator events and dozens of smaller shows, but three titles [+]
Nick Diaz Didn’t “Retire” BJ Penn thumbnail Nick Diaz Didn’t “Retire” BJ Penn: So first of all, let’s assume that BJ Penn’s decision to retire at UFC 137 actually holds up. Considering that it seemed to be a spur-of-the-moment decision based upon the result of the fight, as well as [+]

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