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UFC 200 Preview thumbnail UFC 200 Preview: With UFC 200 drawing closer and closer, it’s time to take a detailed look at the main card fights and pick a few winners. Will Miesha Tate hold on to her title? How will Brock Lesnar fare [+]
UFC 166 Preview thumbnail UFC 166 Preview: Excuse me if I’m not super hyped for Velasquez-JDS 3. Don’t get me wrong, they’re both very good heavyweights and there’s a decent chance that there will be some very entertaining fireworks at some point in the [+]
Thursday Throwdown: Perseverance Edition thumbnail Thursday Throwdown: Perseverance Edition: Fightmaniacs, I don’t have to tell you fine ladies and gentlemen that perseverance is important in MMA. Of course, perseverance comes in many forms, as a look at current news in our crazy sport easily illustrates. Examples? [+]
UFC 160 Parting Shots thumbnail UFC 160 Parting Shots: There are mixed martial arts shows where you learn something new about the fighters involved, and then there are events that are largely full of fights that confirm what you already knew, instead. UFC 160 fits [+]
UFC 160 Provides Suitable Preview for Velasquez-JDS 3 thumbnail UFC 160 Provides Suitable Preview for Velasquez-JDS 3: Photo credit: Tracy Lee, Yahoo! Sports Although I was one of the many who was not terribly excited to see Cain Velasquez tear through Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva in all-too predictable fashion, I have to admit that it [+]
UFC 160 Preview thumbnail UFC 160 Preview: UFC 160 certainly focuses on the big boys, but there are some other pivotal fights taking place outside of the heavyweight division, too. In particular, a couple of important lightweight bouts and another look at rising light [+]
Fightmania December Rankings thumbnail Fightmania December Rankings: December saw two high-profile fights between number one ranked UFC champions and their challengers, with much different results. While Benson Henderson cemented his previously-debated status as the top dog at 155 pounds, Junior dos Santos had a [+]
UFC 155 Parting Shots thumbnail UFC 155 Parting Shots: The UFC ended its year with a solid show last night, with the UFC Heavyweight Championship on the line in the main event. While that fight ended up being one-sided and some of the other fights featured [+]
UFC 155 Preview thumbnail UFC 155 Preview: UFC 155 brings a titanic matchup between Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos, the reigning heavyweight champion. While this fight is a rematch, the first meeting between these two was such a short bout that the matchup [+]
UFC 146 Preview thumbnail UFC 146 Preview: In UFC 146 you have a novel event (a main card consisting of all heavyweight fights) that has been diminished more than a little in stature by multiple big-name fighters dropping out for one reason or another. [+]

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