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Fightmania November Rankings thumbnail Fightmania November Rankings: With eight major events between the UFC and Bellator alone along with your usual huge array of smaller shows, it was a busy month for MMA. Factor in that only one of those events was a pay-per-view, [+]
UFC 167 Parting Shots thumbnail UFC 167 Parting Shots: UFC 167 was a bit of a mixed bag, with an interesting combination of violently entertaining finishes, paint-by-numbers decisions, and decisions that the judges either almost blew (Lawler-MacDonald) or blew altogether (St. Pierre-Hendricks). I’ve already discussed the [+]
6 Dumbest Things You’ll Hear About the GSP-Hendricks Decision thumbnail 6 Dumbest Things You’ll Hear About the GSP-Hendricks Decision: Look, I don’t have anything new to say to you about the decision of St. Pierre-Hendricks itself. Like most people with eyeballs and at least a basic understanding of the sport, I thought Hendricks won rounds 1, [+]
Hopefully, the Anderson Silva Superfight Talk is Over thumbnail Hopefully, the Anderson Silva Superfight Talk is Over: If there’s one good thing about a guy that you have called the greatest fighter of all-time dropping his belt in embarrassing fashion after an unprecedented seven-year title reign, it’s that all of the silly crap that [+]
GSP’s VADA Testing Won’t End Speculation thumbnail GSP’s VADA Testing Won’t End Speculation: MMA fighters like Georges St. Pierre, many of whom have been frequent recipients of steroid allegations (because they’re successful, so they must be on something, right?), have started to follow the lead of their boxing counterparts and [+]
MMA Roundup: GSP-Hendricks, Rampage, Bellator, Fitch thumbnail MMA Roundup: GSP-Hendricks, Rampage, Bellator, Fitch: We’ve all been waiting to find out when Georges St. Pierre and Johny Hendricks will finally face off. Sure, none of us have been quite as antsy about getting an official date as Hendricks has (and justifiably [+]
Fightmania March Rankings thumbnail Fightmania March Rankings: While there was plenty of action this past month with two UFC events, three Bellator shows, the second installment of the World Series of Fighting and countless other events, most of the fights did not involve fighters [+]
The 10 Most Polarizing People in MMA thumbnail The 10 Most Polarizing People in MMA: Fighters like Nick Diaz, Michael Bisping, and even Georges St. Pierre have a strange effect on fans, inspiring undying loyalty in some and almost irrational disdain in others. After Diaz and GSP fought last weekend, it got [+]
UFC 158 Parting Shots thumbnail UFC 158 Parting Shots: GSP has done it again. While detractors will point at another fight where St. Pierre didn’t finish his opponent (he’s now at a UFC record at 150 minutes without a finish), we can’t gloss over the fact [+]
Nick Diaz: From Villain to Clown thumbnail Nick Diaz: From Villain to Clown: UFC 158 was book-ended by ridiculous amounts of drama, hype, and trash talk, as business picked right back up as soon as the event was over, with reports of backstage confrontations, a non-troversy over Georges St. Pierre’s [+]

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