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World Series of Fighting 3 Parting Shots thumbnail World Series of Fighting 3 Parting Shots: As I was saying the other night, when Jon Fitch signed with the World Series of Fighting, I expected it to be good for him, but not necessarily great for the promotion. I was not proven to [+]
That Just Happened: Burkman Chokes Out Fitch in 41 Seconds thumbnail That Just Happened: Burkman Chokes Out Fitch in 41 Seconds: Well, no matter what happens at UFC 161, I think we can safely say that the biggest upset of the weekend has already happened, and it wasn’t in the UFC Octagon, but the World Series of Fighting’s [+]
MMA Roundup: GSP-Hendricks, Rampage, Bellator, Fitch thumbnail MMA Roundup: GSP-Hendricks, Rampage, Bellator, Fitch: We’ve all been waiting to find out when Georges St. Pierre and Johny Hendricks will finally face off. Sure, none of us have been quite as antsy about getting an official date as Hendricks has (and justifiably [+]
Thursday Throwdown: Slow News Week Edition thumbnail Thursday Throwdown: Slow News Week Edition: I’ll be upfront, unlike just about any other MMA website you’ll come across. Some days, there isn’t much to talk about, but the talk has to keep on coming, nonetheless. Today is pretty much the latest in [+]
UFC Cuts Still About Politics, Not Performance thumbnail UFC Cuts Still About Politics, Not Performance: We all know by now that “the UFC is a business”, which has become a catch-all defense of anything that the organization does which makes very little sense in terms of actual competition. A marketable fighter gets [+]
UFC 156 Parting Shots thumbnail UFC 156 Parting Shots: At UFC 156, we got the first of many promised superfights between champions (or former champions, in Frankie Edgar’s case) in separate divisions. Edgar, of course, was not able to pry the UFC Featherweight Championship from Jose [+]
UFC 153 Parting Shots thumbnail UFC 153 Parting Shots: Against all odds, UFC 153 was a pretty good card. With a main event that lived up to the hype insofar as we got to see the greatest fighter in the sport ply his trade, it’s hard [+]
UFC 153 Preview thumbnail UFC 153 Preview: It’s amazing to think that after over ten years of Zuffa owning not only the UFC, but for a time the WEC and now Strikeforce, events were never canceled due to injuries or changes that made a [+]
Fightmania December Rankings thumbnail Fightmania December Rankings: December exemplified the rest of 2011, meaning that there were plenty of big events, along with some surprising results and dominant performances, too. While some fighters, such as Jon Jones, have a firm grasp on the top [+]
UFC 141 Preview thumbnail UFC 141 Preview: Is it literally the biggest UFC fight of all time, as the promotion has been insisting? Well, I think Tim Sylvia and Gan McGee would beg to differ, but I don’t think many of us would rather [+]

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