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UFC Fight Night 29 Preview thumbnail UFC Fight Night 29 Preview: Between the three major promotions, there are a whopping eight major MMA events in October, and UFC Fight Night 29 represents the first of three offerings from the UFC this month. In the main event, Demian Maia [+]
UFC 152 Preview thumbnail UFC 152 Preview: From the ashes of UFC 151 comes UFC 152, assembled from the tears of disappointed fans and the angry spittle of one Dana White. The supposed villain, Jon Jones, will likely receive his comeuppance from the fans [+]
UFC 133 Parting Shots thumbnail UFC 133 Parting Shots: The magic may have run out for Tito Ortiz, but Rashad Evans, Vitor Belfort, Rory MacDonald and others were definitely working the mojo last Saturday night at UFC 133. Vicious finishes were the norm rather than [+]
UFC 130 Parting Shots thumbnail UFC 130 Parting Shots: I already gave my opinion on whether UFC 130 was “boring” or not, but surely there’s plenty more to discuss about the event, as well. Read on to find out who impressed me the most on [+]
UFC 130 and “Boring” Fights thumbnail UFC 130 and “Boring” Fights: Anytime you’re dealing with a subjective term, it’s hard to really argue whether or not it should be applied. As such, I know that I’m not going to convince many people to reassess UFC 130 and [+]
UFC 130: Main Card Preview thumbnail UFC 130: Main Card Preview: While it’s definitely a bummer that we’re not seeing Edgar-Maynard 3 tonight, an objective fan will probably admit that we are still left with a pretty good card. Not only do we have some high-profile names involved, [+]
MMA Roundup: Sengoku, Diego Sanchez, Rashad Evans thumbnail MMA Roundup: Sengoku, Diego Sanchez, Rashad Evans: A while back, I gave some reasons that the Japanese MMA scene is in pretty grave danger, and with Sengoku losing top fighters left and right, it’s easy to see that harsh times are definitely ahead for [+]
UFC 121 Parting Shots thumbnail UFC 121 Parting Shots: Okay, let’s draw a line in the sand, here. We’re all a little Cain-ed out. Nobody is sad by now that Brocktober came to an abrupt end, either. Nearly all of the post-UFC talk [+]
UFC 121 Main Card: Preview and Picks thumbnail UFC 121 Main Card: Preview and Picks: As compelling as the Brock Lesnar-Shane Carwin bout was, Lesnar’s face-off with Cain Velasquez may be even more interesting. Of course, there are plenty of other fights to look forward to, as well. We also [+]
UFC 121 Tickets Sure to Go Fast as Lesnar-Velasquez Is Made Official thumbnail UFC 121 Tickets Sure to Go Fast as Lesnar-Velasquez Is Made Official: It seems like every fight for Brock Lesnar now is a “superfight” that might remind you of the formative days of the UFC, when fans waited for months at a time to see which former UFC tournament [+]

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