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Max Holloway speaks after latest win (Video) thumbnail Max Holloway speaks after latest win (Video): Max Holloway has defeated Jose Aldo for the second time and solidified his grasp on the featherweight title. See what he had to say after the fight, especially when Joe Rogan brings up who may be the greatest featherweight ever. [+]
Aldo discusses mindset ahead of Holloway bout (Video) thumbnail Aldo discusses mindset ahead of Holloway bout (Video): Jose Aldo said recently that he feels that he has the fire inside of him to take back the featherweight belt. Here’s a quick video where Aldo discusses his mindset ahead of the upcoming bout with Max Holloway. [+]
Why the tired MMA vs. boxing debate won’t go away thumbnail Why the tired MMA vs. boxing debate won’t go away: Although most of us realized long ago that even someone as talented as Conor McGregor would have trouble in a pure boxing match, there were still plenty of people who bought into the hype that McGregor vs. [+]
June Fightmania Rankings thumbnail June Fightmania Rankings: June gave us a great start to the summer in MMA, topped by surprise wins by Brent Primus over Michael Chandler, Mark Hunt over Derrick Lewis, and much more. Let’s take a look at this month’s rankings. [+]
Holloway stuns Aldo in UFC 212 upset thumbnail Holloway stuns Aldo in UFC 212 upset: Max Holloway picked up a title belt and a career-defining win on Satuday when he defeated longtime featherweight champ Jose Aldo at UFC 212. The fight got off to a plodding start, but Aldo took the first [+]
UFC 199 Parting Shots thumbnail UFC 199 Parting Shots: UFC 199’s title fights looked similar enough on paper: two rematches where the combatants seem to genuinely dislike one another, but the champion was highly favored. Yet at the end of the night, Urijah Faber went home [+]
UFC 160 Parting Shots thumbnail UFC 160 Parting Shots: There are mixed martial arts shows where you learn something new about the fighters involved, and then there are events that are largely full of fights that confirm what you already knew, instead. UFC 160 fits [+]
UFC 150 Preview thumbnail UFC 150 Preview: I’m sure there’s a joke to be made about deja vu, but we’re all bored of it by now: yet another UFC Lightweight Title rematch is going down tonight. I kind of get the first two; BJ [+]

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