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No love lost between Rockhold, Bisping (Video) thumbnail No love lost between Rockhold, Bisping (Video): It’s pretty hard to top UFC 199’s bout between Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber for pure animosity, but UFC Middleweight Champion Luke Rockhold and Michael Bisping are making a good go of it already. Check out what the two had to say to one another at a recent episode of “UFC Tonight.” [+]
Fightmania April Rankings thumbnail Fightmania April Rankings: Although it was a slow month for major events outside of the UFC, with just one Bellator event at the beginning of the month and not much else of note to discuss, there was a UFC every [+]
UFC 159 Parting Shots thumbnail UFC 159 Parting Shots: Alright, so disgusting injuries and eye pokes aside, what do we take away from UFC 159? We had a main event that should likely never have happened, which only leads us to more questions about how the [+]
UFC 159 Preview thumbnail UFC 159 Preview: Two of the most polarizing fighters in all of MMA square off tonight, with UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones defending his belt against Chael P. Sonnen himself. However, a main event that looks to be a [+]
The 10 Most Polarizing People in MMA thumbnail The 10 Most Polarizing People in MMA: Fighters like Nick Diaz, Michael Bisping, and even Georges St. Pierre have a strange effect on fans, inspiring undying loyalty in some and almost irrational disdain in others. After Diaz and GSP fought last weekend, it got [+]
Thursday Throwdown: Broken Hearts Edition thumbnail Thursday Throwdown: Broken Hearts Edition: It’s a special Valentine’s Day edition of the Throwdown, and every writer worth his or her salt knows that there’s only one way to celebrate a column that happens to fall on (or near) a holiday: with [+]
UFC on FX 7 Parting Shots thumbnail UFC on FX 7 Parting Shots: UFC on FX 7 provided a pretty good night of fights with one huge headliner between Vitor Belfort and Michael Bisping. A title shot was supposedly on the line, but everyone knew going into it that the [+]
Thursday Throwdown: Strikeforce, Aldo, Alvarez thumbnail Thursday Throwdown: Strikeforce, Aldo, Alvarez: I know, Fightmaniacs. You’re thirsting for a Thursday Throwdown. Dying for it, even. Well, here it is, back to fill your head with all kinds of MMA news that will likely be irrelevant within a few days, [+]
UFC 152 Parting Shots thumbnail UFC 152 Parting Shots: It felt like it had been months since the last UFC pay-per-view before UFC 152, even though it had only been 41 days in reality. That’s simply the effect you get from getting used to seeing 15+ [+]
UFC 152 Preview thumbnail UFC 152 Preview: From the ashes of UFC 151 comes UFC 152, assembled from the tears of disappointed fans and the angry spittle of one Dana White. The supposed villain, Jon Jones, will likely receive his comeuppance from the fans [+]

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