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Fightmania July Rankings- Part 3 thumbnail Fightmania July Rankings- Part 3: In part 3 of my July rankings, you’ll find the top ten lists for the heavyweight and light heavyweight divisions. If you missed out on the other divisions, be sure to check part 2 for middleweights, [+]
Fightmania Mailbag: Greg Jackson, St. Pierre-Koscheck, MMA Injuries thumbnail Fightmania Mailbag: Greg Jackson, St. Pierre-Koscheck, MMA Injuries: There’s always plenty to talk about in the world of mixed martial arts, and the beginning of a summer chock-full of big events is definitely no exception. Luckily, some of our fine readers have seen fit [+]
UFC 114 Parting Shots thumbnail UFC 114 Parting Shots: After three months of “The Ultimate Fighter 10”, another several months of trash talking, three “Primetime” specials, and a few public staredowns, the fight between Rashad Evans and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is in the books.  Oh, and [+]
Rampage-Rashad Rivalry Settled for Now thumbnail Rampage-Rashad Rivalry Settled for Now: One of the more memorable rivalries in the recent history of the sport may not be completely over, but the “pause” button has certainly been pressed while each participant goes his own way: Rashad Evans to a [+]
UFC 114 Preview and Picks thumbnail UFC 114 Preview and Picks: While some UFC cards over the past half-year or so have come like a thief in the night to rake in your hard-earned cash with a suitable but unexciting lineup of fights, UFC 114 does not fit [+]
UFC 113 Parting Shots thumbnail UFC 113 Parting Shots: Seven days is an eternity now that we have MMA events just about every weekend to look forward to. It is almost a shame that before we can even reflect on what happened in the last [+]
The Dynamics of the Striker-Grappler Matchup thumbnail The Dynamics of the Striker-Grappler Matchup: The trash talk between English kickboxing specialist Paul Daley and former NCAA wrestling champion Josh Koscheck has brought to light a very popular trend in the lead-up to striker-grappler matchups.  It used to be that grapplers would [+]
UFC 108 Parting Shots thumbnail UFC 108 Parting Shots: Against all odds, UFC 108 delivered a great night of fights, even without some of the star power that would usually accompany the usual New Year’s weekend offerings by the UFC. Rashad did what he had [+]
UFC 108: Rashad Evans on Fighting Thiago Silva (Video) thumbnail UFC 108: Rashad Evans on Fighting Thiago Silva (Video): [flowplayer src=, width=560, height=340] Rashad Evans talks about fighting Thiago Silva at UFC 108. [+]
UFC 108: Thiago Silva on Fighting Rashad Evans (Video) thumbnail UFC 108: Thiago Silva on Fighting Rashad Evans (Video): [flowplayer src=, width=560, height=340] Thiago Silva talks about fighting Rashad Evans at UFC 108. [+]

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